Hello, Goodbye! December 27, 2016

My due date has came and gone.  Although I am glad to not have a Christmas baby I am more than ready to get this show on the road.  Currently I am three days overdue, I have another appointment tomorrow and I am guessing at which point we will schedule an induction. 

I was hoping this was all going to happen on its own and it still very well could, I am keepin the faith. Meanwhile you will probably find me walking, sitting on a exercise ball, squatting, lunging, then more than likely passed out on the couch because it makes me tired just thinking of doing all that.  Over the holiday weekend my husband and I put up the curtains in the babies room, brought the swing down to the livingroom, and I made some more freezer food.  I’m not real sure we can get anymore ready at this point.

I should be working on office work getting ahead for spring, but the concentration just is not there. Instead I think I will find some more things to clean and organize, I don’t think my house has ever looked so good.  I suppose it’s for the better, I am sure this will be the last time I will have enough time on my hands to make it this way.  I have been taking these last few weeks to enjoy the last little bit of freedom.  I have read a book, gone out with friends, gone to the movies last minute, and spent time with my husband and fur babies.

In one of my other posts I had said my new phrase was “I’m done”, at that point it was more of a physical done.  I am still done, but this week is much more a mental done.  The not knowing if it will happen on its own, will I be induced? Need a C-section?  Also there is less moving around room and not feeling him/her move as much makes me on edge. I get busy and don’t notice the movements and have to sit down and wait for them.  It is a game I am very tired of playing.  I am working on keeping my thoughts positive and knowing that we will be meeting our baby sometime this week helps!