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Rehabilitation and recovery

You may require skilled nursing and rehabilitation care after your discharge from the hospital. We specialize in short-term treatment for recovering patients and will place you in a private room. Our social workers, nurse practitioners, nursing and therapy staffs and other care providers work with you, your family members and your primary care physician to create and follow the most effective treatment approach for you.

St. Luke's Living Centers Post Hospital Care

Patients recovering from illness or surgery stay an average of only 22 days at Living Centers. Our skilled nursing care offers a wide range of intensive therapeutic services designed to maximize your functional abilities and promote healing. Our Rehab to Home program accommodates individual goals and capabilities, using appropriate treatments and therapies to ensure each patient accomplishes the level of health and well-being required to return home safely. 

Through our Restorative Nursing program, our in-house restorative nursing department works with patients who have been discharged from therapy services to help them maintain or build their functional level.

Services include:

  • Range-of-motion exercises 
  • Walk-to-dine program that enables 85 percent of our residents to walk to every meal
  • Daily living skills practice, such as dressing, bathing and engaging in recreational activities

We offer extensive Therapy Services:

  • Physical therapy helps restore physical function and relieve pain. Treatment plans and exercises are designed to increase strength, range of motion and balance.
  • Occupational therapy enhances daily living skills. Treatment plans emphasize functional skills such as dressing, eating and bathing.
  • Speech therapy helps residents experiencing difficulty swallowing, eating or communicating due to loss of speech or hearing. Treatment plans focus on strengthening word retrieval and communication skills in order to express basic needs or wants.