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Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Each year more patients are identified and treated for earlier stages of arthritis. Some of this arthritis affects only part of the knee, which has led to the need for partial knee replacement as an alternative to total knee replacement.

Partial knee replacement surgery is available at St. Luke's. In 2014 we acquired the Navio™ Surgical System, which is a robotic- assisted orthopedic system. Navio provides surgeons with a hand-held, computer-assisted bone cutting tool, which is precisely guided with the robot's navigation system. The system uses a smaller, minimally invasive incision which allows the surgeon to treat either side of the knee.

About partial knee replacement surgery

During the partial knee replacement  the surgeon is able to replace the damaged joint surface and rebalance the knee's alignment, saving all the ligaments. One of the many benefits of this robotic-assisted orthopedic system is that patients do not need a CT scan prior to surgery, which reduces their exposure to radiation and cost. Navio's computer digitizes the  patient's knee during the surgery. This allows the surgeon to create a unique surgical plan, which is tailored to each patient's specific anatomy and ligament balance.

About the technology

"This is exciting technology," said Sandeep Munjal, MD, Physicians' Clinic of Iowa orthopedic surgeon. "A smaller incision means a faster recovery and rehabilitation time for the patient. The Navio is very precise. Its computer matches the patient's anatomy, basically creating a 3-D model of the patient's knee. This allows me to accurately line-up the joint replacement, which is far superior to using the naked eye." The longevity of the implant will vary from patient-to-patient.

"Ideally we want to wait as long as possible before surgery," said Dr. Munjal. "There are many adults who are quite young, under 65, in a lot of pain that would benefit from partial knee replacement. The Navio Surgical System will allow me to be much more precise and provide the best outcome possible for patients and thereby improves their quality of life."

Watch this video to learn more