Three Twitter accounts that make me a better mom April 15, 2016

Busy moms. If there were ever a redundant phrase, that would be it.

Because if you have children, then you by definition are one of the busiest people on the planet.  Whether you work in or outside of the home, have one or five rugrats, single or married – face it: You have a full plate.  So why on earth would I ever assume you have time for the antics of social media? Well – you have time to read my ramblings online so you are only one step away from one of my favorite places in the cyberworld: Twitter.

I know what you’re thinking: Twitter is so five years ago.  It’s what you did when you had time to pass when the kids were babies. I thought that as well, until I realized how easy and quick (and I do mean QUICK!) it was to use Twitter as a time-friendly way to stay in the virtual loop.  I mainly use my Twitter to catch up and connect with my fellow authors and along the way, I discovered other accounts and hashtags that help me stay on my toes while I attempt to work full-time, write the Great American Romance Novel, and raise a family.  Here are three of my favorite pages to follow:
•    Scary Mommy – The cover banner (at date of this blog’s post) says it all: Scary Mommy is intended for people who have a sense of humor, an appreciation for sarcasm and don’t wear panties that don’t easily get in a wad. If you can appreciate blog titles such as Why I No Longer Care About Pregnancy Weight Gain or 5 Things I Want My Daughter Too Know About Her First Time, following this account will bring you laughs and several grains of salt to ponder.
•    Positive FAB Women – I discovered this gem of Twitter after being invited to their weekly TweetChat #PFWChat.  I look forward to it every Thursday, providing me with an opportunity to chat with fellow women pursuing and/or achieving a dream. After just a few chats, I’ve learned so much about personal branding, goal setting, and self-confidence in my business model.  This account is great for the entrepreneurial-focused moms – whether your office is in a high-rise building or in a small corner of your basement.
•    The AV Club – Like pop culture but don’t care too much about which Kardashian is stirring up trouble? AV Club is for you.  This page is where I go to get my ‘grown up gossip’.  I can watch a hilarious interview with one of my favorite comediennes (Sarah Silverman) or read a thinkpiece about why the latest Barbershop movie is important to the culture.  If you are going to waste some time reading about celebrities who actually have talent, hit this account with a Follow.

So, go ahead: go to Twitter’s homepage, click Forgot Password or Create Account (if needed, no shame), and check these and other accounts out. Have fun for approximately five minutes before a kid comes looking for you to wipe their butt after they go Number Two. It can’t just be me.