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Healing Stories from Our Patients

There is no greater feeling than to watch a patient walk out of the center healed from hyperbaric oxygen therapy after the patient had walked in believing they would have to get their foot amputated, states Wound & Hyperbaric Center Director Janet Meier. "One of the keys to success is coming to the wound center earlier in the treatment process so you have a better chance to heal more quickly."  

A Healing Story - James and Denise:

Jim is diabetic and in October of 2014 he developed an infection in his foot that required two amputations. Following his stay at St. Luke's Hospital he began visiting the Wound and Hyperbaric Center for treatment. Between October and December of 2014 he had 30 sessions and healed well from his amputation. Fast forward to May 2015 and Jim developed two pressure wounds on his foot. He and his wife Denise knew something was very wrong. Following this realization, Jim had 30 mores sessions at the Center. Denise describes their experience:

I had never heard of a pressure wound before, but I could see Jim's wounds were very deep. We knew we were in trouble. I remember sitting in the Center the first day and the nurses and doctors were talking with me and Jim. It was—I don't want to say tense—but there was not a lot of smiling going on. They were extremely professional. Their number one priority was getting Jim healed, even though that was an extremely difficult task. They didn't sugarcoat our situation which was hard to take sometimes, but that's how we operate. At the Wound and Hyperbaric Center you don't see them looking at their watches. They are with you until you are done, and there was never a  limit on our time together. We spent a great deal of time with them.

They treated Jim like he was their only patient, and I sat in a waiting room full of people many days and know that was definitely not the case. The nurses and doctors became like family. We knew them by name. We knew about their lives, when they were going to weddings, what they were doing over the weekend... everything! Our grandchild was born while all of this was happening, and these people celebrated that. In fact, they celebrated everything with us. Every little success Jim had we celebrated.

I knew our last day at the Center would be emotional. These people had been in our lives for a year and a half. Leaving was always the end goal of course and we wanted to, but when I sat there in the waiting room and realized I wasn't going to be seeing those people every day it was tough.

Jim walks with assistance now and will be fitted with a shoe with a prosthetic device in it. He will walk again. They saved my husband's foot.

The last thing they said to us was to bring pictures of our grandchild and to stop in. One of these days we definitely will do that.

A Healing Story: Ralph 

I've had two experiences at the Wound and Hyperbaric Center. For both experiences, I received the appropriate care and was completely healed. Today it would be a challenge to even see where my wounds were. Total, I had 24 sessions at the Center. When you go in, beginning with the receptionists, you get the sense the whole place is working together. You don't have to be too bright to understand they flow as an entire team. That's pretty neat. I was impressed enough, I even wrote a letter to President and CEO Ted Townsend. If a person is going to criticize in this world, they oughtta give credit when credit it due too.

A Healing Story: Name Withheld

I definitely would recommend them to other folks. Even on a gloomy day it is a bright day in the Wound and Hyperbaric Center. They work with you and make sure their patients are comfortable. They took time with my wound and helped me heal.