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What Is A Let-Down Reflex?

  • A warm, heavy, tingling sensation that may occur with breastfeeding as breast milk increases and “lets down” to your baby. 
  • Cells in the breast begin to squeeze so milk is pushed from the breast to baby. 
  • Some mother’s feel a let-down and others do not feel this sensation. 
  • Baby’s sucking at the breast or crying, or maternal emotions may cause a let-down reflex to occur. 
  • Most women will have 3 to 4 let-downs during a single feeding but some never feel them. 
  • Stress or anger or fear can stop a let-down. 
  • If you are leaking at an inconvenient time, stop the reflex with pressure by folding your forearms across your chest and pressing firmly against your breasts and nipples.

Please call the St. Luke's Lactation Consultant with questions at (319) 369-8944.