Dreaming of Future Traditions October 27, 2016

It's inevitable. As soon after giving birth, I starter thinking of how life would be once Olivia started getting older. How are birthdays going to be celebrated? What interactions will she have with the other cousins at family reunions? What will her first Halloween costume be?

A lot of these images are centered around holidays. I've been wondering what traditions will carry on from generation to generation and which ones will be new to our little family of three.  Granted, some traditions are a bit hard when she is just a tiny baby who can't really carve a pumpkin just yet. In the meantime, we carry on with what we can. 

Last weekend, we visited Bart's Family Farm in Marion. It's was the perfect size for my sweet 8 month old. She won't remember a thing about our visit, but at least we have a picture of her among the pumpkins. 


We walked through the corn maze, checked out the patch, had her sit on a pumpkin, watched the ponies carry the bigger kids around. It was a beautiful day. The whole time there, I was imagining how the experience would be in the next few years when she can run around and get lost in the maze, when she'll want to ride the pony and then cry as soon as she's sitting on it because I'm not up there with her, when she'll meticulously choose the perfect pumpkin to carve, when she'll want to eat all the caramel apples in front of her. 

 Of course, this leads to thinking of other upcoming holidays, like her first Halloween. I'm dressing her up with a simple homemade bee costume. Quite frankly, if it had landed on a weekend day, I'm not sure if I would have even bothered on a costume at all. What will trick or treating be like when she's old enough to ask for candy? Will I dress up with her?

For Thanksgiving? I'm sure she'll have some turkey leg, at least lick it since she doesn't have any teeth yet. Maybe a bite or two of pumpkin pie. Christmas? I'm not even sure yet what's going to happen then!

It's definitely exciting to be able to share the holidays with a brand new baby, but you're really limited on what you can do. For now, I'll just take pictures to commemorate her first holidays, let the new traditions slowly develop on their own and keep dreaming of how each one will be like once she's older.  

How did you celebrate or commemorate each of your baby's first holidays?