Parting Tips December 19, 2016

In hopes of providing a bit more help, I'll leave you with some final tips and words of wisdom. Basically, things I learned throughout my first pregnancy. 
  • Epidurals don't completely block the pain, you'll still feel it
  • The first time you trim your baby's nails, you can actually just peel them off. Olivia had some skin attached to the nails and the nurse that came for the in-home visit just peeled the white part of the nail off (just like the cap of a gallon of milk)
  • Toenails don't grow as fast as fingernails
  • You can put onesies on from the legs up! That’s why they have the fabric overlapping on the shoulders. This changed my life, specially when babies still have no control of their head. 
  • Always change a diaper with a new one ready to go underneath.
  • Travel with ALL the wipes. You’ll encounter poop explosions on car rides and if you’re lucky like us, she’ll start peeing in the backseat as your changing her diaper. Yep, wipes are a must. 

  • Once they start eating, fold their long sleeves up. Trust me. 
  • A toy can also help to keep them from distractions during meal time. Something that's easily cleaned. Even a spoon works.  
  • A tupperware drawer of their own will work wonders to keep them occupied. 
  • Ear infections usually follow a cold. 
  • Above all, trust your instincts. Nobody knows you or your baby more than you. 
  • Use your resources. St Luke's has great Lactation Consultants. UnityPoint Pediatrics has a great 24/7 nurse hotline for current patients. 
  • Lastly, you'll never love anything as much as you love your babies. They will definitely fill your heart with joy. 

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!