Weekend Adventure July 18, 2016

Last weekend we took our first little vacation as a family of three….and boy oh boy was it an ADVENTURE! Here are some of the things I learned:

  • Packing: my packing habits definitely needed to change with a little one. Instead of packing really fast the night before my packing process for this trip involved making a detailed list 3 days before the trip of all the things we would need for Archer. I needed to keep in mind toys and blankets and a place to sleep and feeding items and bath items…so many things to remember to pack for such a little person! [Packing list for our 2 day adventure…you would swear we were leaving home for a week].null
  • Pumping: I knew throughout the long weekend vacation there would be a few times I would need to pump. The first time I needed to pump was Saturday afternoon. Brad and I had just returned to the hotel from a wedding and my grandma had been watching Archer while we were away. When we returned I was pretty full, but Archer had just taken a bottle. So I grab my pump bag and got myself set up to pump. I looked in the bag and something was missing! I left the pump horns all the way back in Dubuque! Without the horns I would need to hand express the entire weekend. So I start hand expressing and get only 2 ounces after 5 minutes and I am still uncomfortably full. I knew if I had to continue hand expressing the entire weekend I would certainly end up with clogged ducts. Thankfully Target was only 10 minutes away. So I sent Brad off with an image of exactly what I needed and 30 minutes later he returned with 1 pump horn! So although I would have to tandem pump for the weekend, I was still able to get relief!   
  • Car Rides: I personally do not enjoy long car rides. I don’t like dealing with traffic, I don’t like figuring out directions, and I tend to get a little carsick. In general, I am just not a fan. For this trip, on top of all the normal annoyances of card rides, we had Archer’s comfort to also worry about.  On Saturday of our trip, he did great! He slept the first hour and a half and then we stopped for lunch and I fed him and changed him. He went back into his car seat and slept for a majority of the final leg of the trip. He was such a trooper…but on Sunday we almost doubled the time in the car. We decided to pop up to Milwaukee to catch a Cardinals game before heading home. So we drove 2 hours on Sunday morning, enjoyed the game and then drove 3 hours home. So poor Archer was tucked into his carseat for a total of 5 hours. By hour number 4 he was over it! He had two meltdowns on the way home. The first required us pulling over for a short time and taking him of the car seat for some snuggles. Thankfully the second meltdown happened about 10 miles from home, so we just expedited the drive home. Safe to say Archer is like his momma and does not particularly enjoy long car rides.  [Picture of meltdown #2 as we crossed the bridge back to Iowa].null
  • Large Crowds: Like I said above, we decided to pop up to Milwaukee on Sunday to catch the Cardinals game against the Brewers. We figured it’d be the only game we’d be able to get to all season and since we were “in the area” we might as well. I figured it’d be just fine to take Archer along with. I’d wear him in my Boba Wrap and he’d probably nap or just be his happy self the entire time. Thankfully, all of those assumptions were correct. Archer did great. He didn’t seem too bothered by the crowd when we were there, slept for a portion of it and when he got antsy, I just got up and walked around a bit. It wasn’t until we were home and I realized the impact the large crowd maybe had on him. On Monday and Tuesday he woke up from nap time have a terrible night terror. After talking with a colleague I learned this could be from the large crowd he experienced on Sunday at the game. So although he did really well at the game, we may go for a more low scale adventure in the future. [See main photo for Archer ready to enjoy his first St. Louis Cardinals baseball game!]

 All in all for our first major family adventure it went really, really well! We had a few minor hiccups, but the memories we will have from this trip will last forever! 

I’d love to hear about your first adventure with your little one!