Why Voting is Different This Time Around November 8, 2016

I've voted in a few general elections already. Always sure of my stance, sure on my vote and feeling strongly about why my vote went to my chosen candidate. Why shouldn't I? I was voting for what I believed in, voting for what I wanted and would help me. Voting for my future. 

This time around, it's completely different. Yes, I'm voting, but I'm voting for my daughter. Voting for her future. Voting for the country she will grow up in. As I cast my vote (which I did during the early voting period), all I can do is hope. 

Hope that she gets to grow up in a society ruled by love and understanding, instead of hatred and disrespect. Hope she grows up knowing that we are all different, that we all have different opinions, which might be completely opposite or might share some common ground. That there's room for discussion and open-mindedness, and no room for a complete dismissal of others. 

Hope she grows up in a world that is compassionate towards one another. That celebrates the uniqueness of each one of us. In a world where there is room for everybody. In a world where no matter who you are, you're walking on safe ground without fear. 

Hope she grows up in a world where we can educate her, empower her, make her belief in herself.  

In a world where she will have the opportunity to decide if she wants to visit a doctor, and not have her choice made for her because of cost. In a world where I can make the same decision as well. 

Hope she grows up in a world where being who you are is valued. Where her voice has an audience, free of judgment. In a world where she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be, paving her own path, being the only person in control of her decisions, choices and actions. 

As I cast my ballot, I was overcome with fear and uncertainty. For the first time, the outcome of the election doesn't matter for me, but it means the world for her. I filled my bubbles with a shaking hand and now I wait. The anxiety I feel for the results is not for me, but for her. It's all for her.