Our Journey: Thank You! December 27, 2016

Almost 2 years ago I took a leap of faith and sent a message to the UnityPoint Facebook page. I had been following the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa Blog, but was frustrated that there were no stories about real women in Iowa who were trying to get pregnant but were facing challenges. It was just a simple suggestion to maybe have a 1 time blog post about miscarriage or infertility or in vitro. Little did I know, that little message would start me on my blogging journey. 

Over the past year and a half, you have welcomed my stories and our journey. I have been overwhelmed many times with the outpouring of love and support you have shown. It wasn’t always easy to share our journey and be vulnerable about the ups and downs we experienced as we started our family, but knowing that I was hopefully helping at least 1 reader along the way helped push me forward. Thankfully, what I found through the entire process was healing and hope and closure. At first I needed to blog as an outlet, as a way to assure myself that the feelings I was having were valid. After my first post I received numerous emails and messages that I had impacted someone else. They shared their stories with me and suddenly, in the sadness, I didn’t feel as alone. Shortly after I started blogging we found out we were pregnant, which shifted my message to a message of hope for moms who were or are continue to struggle to start their family. I again received numerous comments in response to those blogs, saying my message was doing just that. And  finally, when little Archer arrived, I was able to gain a sense of closure to our journey. Although our little angels will never, ever be forgotten, our rainbow baby has made this journey so worth it. 

So to my faithful readers…thank you for sticking with me through it all! Thank you for your continued support, comments and kind words. It made sharing our story that much easier. 

To the moms and dads and families out there who are struggling. Keep your faith, trust that for whatever reason, this is happening for a reason. Rely on one another, lean on one another, and if you need to talk about it, please do! Infertility, miscarriage, in vetro are not “taboo” topics. We should be sharing and talking and learning from one another. 

From our family to yours…THANK YOU! Wishing you all happiness, love and joy in 2017!