Two Minutes. August 10, 2016

My two year old daughter’s sounding cry these days is “two minutes.”

“Nora, let’s get PJs on!”
“Two minutes, Mama!”


“Nora, we’ll go to the park in five minutes.”
“Two minutes, Dada?”

She has no idea how long two minutes lasts. She solely understands that two minutes is some time in the future. Not now.

Her concept of time has me thinking about my two minutes with her and her brother. We have an amount of time with our littles that is extremely limited in the grand scheme of life. Our mundane minutes will turn into their memories and I’ve often thought about the few things I hope they remember.

I hope they remember the laughter.
We laugh through the good and bad. We laugh because Weston insists upon carrying around a fake corn cob all day and Nora calls him “Peto” when he acts like a dog! We laugh to keep ourselves from crying when the nights blur into day, and things go terribly wrong (cue mishaps like accidentally biting a kid’s finger, poop on the floor, etc.).

And, they were heard. 
Even though our kiddos are still little, we work hard to recognize their emotions. Nora gets frustrated easily and lashes out. Weston is more sensitive and sometimes cries when Nora cries. I hope they remember their feelings being acknowledged. I hope even when we disagree, today and in all the years to come, they remember being heard.

That they are loved.

I hope when they think back to their childhood and these early years, they remember the love. I hope they remember sprinting into our arms and how much our faces light up when we see them. I hope they remember lying with us when they didn’t feel good, and at least some fragments of our family adventures. 

What do you hope your littles remember from their childhood?