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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a safe, minimally invasive technique performed by specially trained and certified physical therapists. It inserts a very thin sterile solid filament needle (.3 mm) into a myofascial trigger point to relieve pressure and pain. A trigger point is a local or tight band in a muscle fiber that can disrupt function, restrict range of motion, refer pain or cause local tenderness. When dry needling is applied, it can decrease banding or tightness, increase blood flow, and reduce local and referred pain. It's important to recognize dry needling is not Acupuncture which treats along meridians and leaves needles in place longer. Dry needling treats myofascial trigger points/muscle knots of musculoskeletal conditions by eliciting biochemical changes and a local twitch response which breaks the pain cycle.

It is performed by a specially trained and certified physical therapists at three of our Therapy Plus locations: Downtown, Westdale and Marion.

How do I start Dry Needling?

Dry Needling requires an order from a physician/provider that states, "Evaluate and treat for Physical Therapy and Dry Needling." Patients are asked to sign a waiver and disclosure of current health. There are some contraindications (reasons) for why treatment may not be appropriate, which the therapist can discuss with you. Dry Needling is offered as a treatment option that supplements 'traditional' physical therapy.

Does insurance cover Dry Needling?

Currently, Dry Needling is not covered by most insurances. If it is not covered, you will be asked to sign a form that you still want the treatment and understand that you will need to pay for the service out of pocket. You can discuss costs for this treatment with a scheduling/billing specialist at one of the Therapy Plus clinics.

Voice of a patient

"I've had TMJ (pain at the jaw) for more than 30 years. It had gotten to the point it was keeping me awake at night and I was in pain most of the day. Nick Warneke did incredible work on the muscles in my jaw. His empathy and compassionate spirit made the pain very tolerable. I found relief without pain killers. The sessions are reasonable and worth every penny. Thank you, Nick!" – Donna H.