Breast Massage

Breast massage

Breast massage before pumping, hand expressing or nursing increases the amount of milk you release from your breasts. Breast massage also helps you relax, resulting in a more spontaneous milk release.  Massage releases more fat into your breast milk as well.

The methods of breast massage are:

Fingertip massage - With two fingers, press lightly into your breast, making small circles. Start from the back of the breast and move toward the areola. Cover the whole breast. You can alternate this method with the parallel hand position.

Parallel hand position - Place one hand above and one below your breast. With upper hand, gently stroke in a circular motion towards nipple supporting breast with lower hand. Repeat this using upper hand for support as lower hand strokes lower portion of breast. Re-position hands again on either side of breasts and repeat gentle stroking in circular motion - first one hand and then the other. Repeat until you've covered all parts of the breast. Repeat as needed until letdown occurs.