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About Navio Surgery Partial Knee Replacement

With Navio assisted partial knee replacement, the patient does not need to come in for a CT-scan prior to their surgery. There is no special preparation or post-operative recovery that needs to occur when utilizing the Navio surgical system for partial knee resurfacing.

During the surgery, the surgeon will utilize advanced image-free navigation steps to create a virtual reconstruction of anatomy, soft-tissue/ligaments and kinematic motion of the knee. The surgeon then utilizes this information to tailor the position of the implant to the patient's femur and tibia shape, taking into account their unique cartilage wear and condylar shapes, and then balances their soft-tissue ligaments to ensure a balanced outcome.

Finally, the surgeon utilizes the Navio smart surgical hand piece to sculpt the damaged bone away to accept the artificial joint. The robotic-assistance in the hand piece enforce the target surgical plan, making sure that the final placement of the implant is accurate towards the intended position.

Click here to read an article from the Corridor Business Journal about Navio Partial Knee Replacement.