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Blank Children's Hospital

What We Do

Child Advocacy Center

The Blank Children's STAR Center provides a variety of services including forensic interviews and forensic medical examinations. Specially trained interviewers talk to children when there is an allegation of abuse or neglect. The multidisciplinary team works in collaboration with law enforcement and the Department of Human Services. Forensic exams are conducted by a pediatrician and a nurse practitioner and can sometimes be used in evidence collection. Click HERE to find out more.

Drug Endangered Children Clinic

The Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Clinic serves children who have been exposed to drugs and/or alcohol. The clinic serves children of all ages to monitor their development and guide them in a healthy life. Click HERE to find out more. 

Growth and Nutrition Clinic

The Growth and Nutrition Clinic (formerly known as the Failure to Thrive Clinic) is a specialty clinic that helps families whose children are struggling with growth and weight gain. The clinic is run by a pediatrician, pediatric nurse, and a pediatric dietitian, and aims to make the growing health of your child a priority. Click HERE to find out more. 

Foster Care Clinic

The Foster Care Clinic is a primary care clinic integrated with mental health services for children in foster care. We know these children may have special health care needs and this clinic has been designed specifically to assess and treat those needs. The clinic provides multiple services including medical care, behavioral health, school readiness, and care coordination for children, and education and support for caregivers. Click HERE to find out more.