Complete Tree Decorator Form for Festival | Blank Children's Hospital

Tree Decorator Online Form

This information will be used for all printed recognition including signage that accompanies your tree, wreath or vignette.


  1. All ornaments must be wired to the tree.
  2. The top section of the tree should be designed to be removed (this helps ensure a safe delivery of the tree to its final home).
  3. Please provide a wrapped box with a removable top and an opening on the top for People's Choice voting.
  4. Please provide a 3 prong plug, 12' unwrapped extension cord to remain with the tree. 
  5. Tree skirt should be provided to remain with the tree.
  6. No perishable or edible items will be used.
  7. Assist with adjustments of decorations up to 48 hours after Festival if requested.
  8. All accompanying items become the property of Festival unless indicated in writing on the Designer's Personal Items form, to be completed at the time of set-up on November 18 & 19, 2018.
  9. Due to the high demand of trees, we are limiting decorating to one tree per individual/organization. 

Tree Decorator Contract

Individual/Organization Name (as you want listed in program and on signage): Contact Person: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: Decorator Options (check one):

 Vignette Options (check all that apply):

Description:Inspiration for tree:If decorating for a specific underwriter, please provide their info:I agree to the terms outlined in the contract as well as the Decorator Guidelines. Please type name: