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Transport Services

Blank Children's Hospital is committed to providing excellence in transport services to hospitals and EMS agencies across Iowa. We have two dedicated teams - Neonatal Transport Team and Pediatric Transport Team -  to deliver high quality patient care by ground or air.

Our highly-trained and experienced nurses are available to help in the stabilization and transport of critically-ill or injured patients. Throughout the transport, our teams are in constant communication with the attending physicians to provide information so the receiving unit is prepared for the child. Care is compassionate, professional and based on principles of family-centered care as the needs of the family are considered and met with respect and support during these difficult times.

When to call for transport?


Our physicians are available to discuss any patient you are referring to Blank Children's Hospital who may need intervention either before or during a transfer. Our pediatric specific protocols allow us to treat a variety of illnesses prior to the patient arriving at Blank Children's Hospital.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association:
"It is often best to wait for the arrival of a team experienced in pediatric critical care for the transport of a critically-ill or injured child even if it creates delay. This type of transport team can initiate pediatric critical care at the referring hospital and maintain that level of care during transport. An exception to this rule would be the child who requires immediate surgical intervention at the tertiary care center (eg, a craniotomy for epidural hematoma)."