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Blank Children's Hospital

Intern Information

Child Life Intern Application Process

Students interested in the Child Life Internship Program should follow the time schedule below for the application procedure. 


Semester you are
planning to intern



Application deadlines

 September 5

 March 15

Initial Offer Dates

 2nd Tuesday of October

 1st Tuesday of May

Acceptance Dates

 Following Wednesday

 Following Wednesday


 January - May

 September - December

**Please note: All interns must be affiliated with a university during their internship.**  


An application for an internship is located within this web page.  Please submit the application along with your resume, Child Life course verification form and official college transcript and at least three recommendation forms. Must meet the course work for the Child Life Certification Exam (see


An interview is required for possible candidates.  Also, during an interview you will be given a tour of the hospital and may be better able to determine whether our facility and program will meet your needs. We receive numerous applications each year and not all are granted an interview. We do follow up with all applicants.


Students will be notified of their acceptance into the Internship Program on or before the date specified above.

Health Screening

The following vaccinations or tests need to be completed and documented by your school or family doctor prior to your start date, and emailed to our Employee Health department:

  • Two MMRs or proof of a Titer
  • Tuberculin Skin Test
  • Influenza Vaccine Injection (spring semester) 
  • Tetanus (not required, but recommended)

Housing Arrangements

Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the student. 


Child Life Students are required to complete 600 hours over a 16-week period. 


No stipend is paid to Child Life Interns. 

To be considered for Child Life Internship, Bachelor level students must have a senior level status (at the time of the internship).  Suggested major for internship candidates include: Child Life, Child Development, Family and Human Development or other related fields. Beginning 2012, all applicants will be required to have successfully completed a minimum of one child life course taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist. 

It is not required for the University Intern Advisor to visit the site during the internship; however, it is recommended.

Interns will complete an in-depth orientation during the first two weeks of the internship.  Interns are also asked to write their goals and objectives for the internship.  

Interns are required to complete reading assignments.  

Child Life Interns will be required to work 40 hours per week including day, evening, and weekend shifts compliant with the area at that time.  Attendance is expected on a daily basis.    

Weekly conferences will be scheduled between the site supervisor and the intern focusing on the student's progress, concerns, current events and scheduling issues.  

Child Life Interns must meet all requirements of the internship. Failure to complete the requirements may cause the student to receive an incomplete or termination of the internship. See requirements.   

Please also see the Association of Child Life Professionals website for recent updates and more information regarding certification eligibility requirements.