Safety Tips and Resources 

General Injury Prevention

Safer in 7 Steps Tip Sheet - English 

Safer in 7 Steps Tip Sheet - Spanish

Baby Safety

Safe Kids Baby Safety

Bike Safety

Bike Safety - Hard Facts and Top Tips

How to Fit a Helmet - Video

Bike Safety Tips - English PDF 

Bike Safety Tips - Spanish PDF


Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Safety Tips - English

Consumer Product Safety Commission 

Kids Health - For Parents - Fireworks Safety

Fires, Burns and Scalds Prevention

Fires, Burns and Scalds- Working for Change

Burns and Fire Safety Fact Sheet PDF

Liquid Laundry Packet Safety

Liquid Laundry Safety- Working for Change  

Laundry Packet Tip Sheet- English

Laundry Packet Tip Sheet- Spanish PDF

Laundry Packet Infographic- English

Laundry Packet Infographic- Spanish

Medicine Safety 

Medicine Safety - Hard Facts and Top Tips

Rise of Medicine in the Home Research Report

Medicine Safety Infographic - English

Playground Safety

Playground Safety - Hard Facts and Top Tips

Playground Safety Resource Links

Playground Safety Tips - English

Sports Safety

Sports Safety - Hard Facts and Top Tips

Sports Safety Information and Videos 

Sports Safety Tips - English 

Suffocation Prevention and Sleep Safety

Suffocation Prevention and Sleep Safety- Working for Change

Safe Sleep Tip Sheet

TV and Furniture Tip-Overs

TV and Furniture Tip-Overs Hard Facts and Top Tips

TV Tip-Over Infographic - English

Water Safety

Water Safety- Working for Change

Water Safety Tip Sheet

Boating Safety Tip Sheet

Window Safety

Hannah Geneser Foundation 

Window Safety Tips - Blank Children's Hospital

Blank Children's Hospital Safety Store 

411 Safety Shop and Training