Peter | 2016 Blank Children's Hospital Football Kid Captain


Peter Vermillion has had to have countless tests, procedures, and therapies along with two brain surgeries to keep his hydrocephalus under control. Though he has gone through so much and still struggles to keep up with typical peers in gross motor activities, he has an infectious smile and a sense of humor.  

“He has such a good attitude about everything and never once has complained about the restrictions his condition puts on him even though it keeps him from being able to participate in many sports with his friends,” said Peter’s mom, Kasey. 

Peter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at six weeks of age. This caused his head size to increase faster than it should, making things like supporting his head, rolling, crawling, sitting, and walking all very challenging for him. He took his first steps at 26 months of age and has had to work very hard to catch up with his peers in gross motor development. Peter’s hydrocephalus was a rare kind of hydrocephalus that at first doctors were hopeful would not require the placement of a shunt, but at ten months of age, it became apparent his body would require the assistance of a shunt and a revision was completed at 14 months. 

“We must always be aware of if his mood is changing or if he is showing concerning symptoms as these can all be signs of problems with his shunt. Thankfully, Peter is doing amazing in school and if it weren’t for his difference in ability when competing in gross motor activities, people would never suspect he has anything different about him than anyone else,” Kasey said. 

Peter loves to draw and write stories and hopes to be an author or illustrator some day. He also loves singing and showing off his dance moves and just recently performed in his first piano recital. Peter loves to learn and is always asking questions and soaking in what is going on around him to attempt to learn more.  He has a contagious smile and laugh that seem to draw people to him.  

“We are thankful to God for all the good health he has given Peter and the abilities he has. We have learned to appreciate our time with him and never take it for granted,” Kasey said.