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Blank Children's Hospital

Our Team

Pediatric Oncologists

Our board-certified Pediatric Oncologists provide comprehensive personalized surveillance exams, laboratory testing and imaging to ensure early recognition of any recurrent disease. Our group is experienced in providing long-term follow-up for all pediatric cancer types. We also have the capability of providing referrals to any sub-specialty service required and have a nurse coordinator who can assist in setting up these appointments.

Pediatric Psychologist

Heather Christiansen, PsyD specializes in the treatment of psychological issues in children, adolescents and families coping with cancer and other blood disorders. Dr. Christiansen has also been involved in clinical research evaluating the psychological functioning and health related quality of life of children adolescents and young adults with cancer and other blood disorders.

As part of the long-term follow-up (LTFU) clinic visit, a brief psychological assessment will be conducted to offer recommendations regarding life after cancer.

Services available include:

  • Neuropsychological and psychological assessments to provide information regarding cognitive functioning, academic achievement, memory, attention and emotional functioning, which are often useful for guiding educational supports.
  • Psychotherapy services for survivors and family members. Treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, mindfulness and other mind-body approaches (e.g. hypnosis, biofeedback).
  • Academic and occupational supports (e.g. assistance with 504 Plans, individualized educations plans).

Survivorship Coordinator

    Jaci Green, RN, Survivorship Coordinator, is specifically trained and experienced in providing information and guidance regarding survivorship to both patients and parents.

Educational topics include:

  • Comprehensive summary of diagnosis and therapies received.
  • Comprehensive long-term follow-up plan detailing recommended surveillance for tumor recurrence, secondary malignancy and any other future adverse consequences of therapies received.

    Rachel Fyfe, Adolescent and Young Adult Coordinator, is specifically trained and experienced in providing life assistance services to adolescent and young adult (AYA) survivors.

Life assistance services include:

  • Academic and life financial aid resources.
  • Assistance gaining employment or obtaining disability benefits.
  • Assistance obtaining health and life insurance after care.
  • Assistance with problem of infertility.
  • Assistance with transitioning to adult care.

Social Worker

Janelle Kamba 
  Jannelle Kamba, MSW, LISW, provides social services for patients and families receiving care from the Blank Children's Pediatric Oncology Medical Team.

Supportive services include: 

  • Social needs
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Employment questions/concerns
  • Insurance coverage (health, life, etc.)
  • Disability needs
  • Emotional needs (counseling, support group)
  • Social support
  • Education/Scholarship resources
  • Sexuality, dating, intimacy
  • Genetic counseling and Fertility resources
  • Other areas of need/interest that patient identifies