Music Therapy Internship at Blank Children's Hospital | Des Moines, IA
Blank Children's Hospital

Music Therapy Internship

The Child Life Department and the Music Therapy Program at Blank Children's Hospital provide family centered care to their patients and families.  While the immediate needs of the child are initially addressed, the needs of the child's family or caregivers present with the child are also addressed.  In other words, Blank Children's believes that the needs of the whole child include the needs of that child's family.  This family centered philosophy is the touchstone for all therapeutic interactions with children and their families.

See pages at left for more detailed information about music therapy and the internship program. 

Music Therapy Staff

Kelli Rae Powell, MA, MT-BC, LCAT
Internship Director/Supervisor and Music Therapist 
Blank Children's Hospital
1200 Pleasant Street | Des Moines, IA 50309

Julie A. Pedigo, BS, CCLS
Manager, Child Life & Family Centered Services
Blank Children's Hospital


Application deadline is March 1 if the applicant intends to begin internship study in the Fall.  Application deadline is September 1 for applicants intending to begin internship study in the Spring.  This allows the hospital time to initiate a legal contract with the university if it is not yet established.  Blank Children's requires a legal affiliation agreement with the intern's academic institution.

An interview and audition will be required and scheduled after the application is received.  Blank Children's will reach out to the applicant to schedule the interview and audition.  Applicants will interview and audition on-site at Blank Children's Hospital.  The interview will take approximately one-two hours.  The applicant should be prepared to sing and play piano and guitar, as well as take part in additional instrument play and/or musical improvisation.  Skype interviews and auditions can be arranged for applicants unable to appear in person.

To apply for the Music Therapy Internship, you may complete the form below or mail in your application. To mail in your application, fill out the Application Form and send it with your resume and letter of verification from your academic director to the following address. 

Kelli Rae Powell, Music Therapy
Blank Children's Hospital
1200 Pleasant Street 

Des Moines, IA 50309

Name Address Phone Email College or University Dates of requested clinical experience toFrom Anticipated Date of Graduation Degree Contact Information of Your Academic Director Briefly state your interest in this training program. Please attach your resume and a letter of verification from your academic director.