Music Therapy Internship Details
Blank Children's Hospital

Internship Experience at Blank Children's Hospital

Depending on the needs of the intern, Blank’s Music Therapy Internship Program can provide either a part-time internship (roughly eight to nine months) beginning in the Fall or a full-time internship (roughly six months) beginning in the Fall or the Spring.  There can be some flexibility in internship start-time and end-time if a schedule is proposed by the intern and approved by the internship director/supervisor in advance.  Blank’s internship director/supervisor is on staff at Blank part-time, so the full-time schedule would not exceed four days per week.  The part-time schedule would be three days per week.  Because Blank’s internship director/supervisor is a part-time staff member, on the days the internship director/supervisor is not on-site the on-site contact for the intern will be the manager of Child Life and Family Centered Services.

The applicant must be affiliated with a music therapy educational program (undergraduate or graduate) in order to be placed for an internship at Blank.  

Application deadline is March 1 if the applicant intends to begin internship study in the Fall.  Application deadline is September 1 for applicants intending to begin internship study in the Spring.  This allows the hospital time to initiate a legal contract with the university if it is not yet established. 

An interview and audition will be required and scheduled after the application is received.  Blank will reach out to the applicant to schedule the interview and audition.  Applicants will interview and audition on-site at Blank Children’s Hospital.  The interview will take approximately one-two hours.  The applicant should be prepared to sing and play piano and guitar, as well as take part in additional instrument play and/or musical improvisation.  Skype interviews and auditions can be arranged for applicants unable to appear in person.

The intern must have prior experience working with children. The intern will be a member of a pediatric interdisciplinary team consisting of creative art therapists, certified child life specialists, physicians (medical students, residents, fellows, and attending physicians), nurses, social workers, chaplains, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. 

Internship hours will primarily be from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Internship days will be decided on by the intern and internship director/supervisor.  Occasionally, the intern will be asked to work different hours (nights, weekend, etc.) as the supervisor may be working different hours.  It is the responsibility of the intern to keep a log of internship hours.

As the internship site is a medical setting, certain medical clearances must take place before the intern begins. The intern must complete medical clearance, which includes TB test, flu shot, and background testing.

The intern may be expected to perform the following duties throughout their internship:

  • Provide individual and group music therapy
  • Provide music therapy as a means of procedural accompaniment
  • Provide music therapy for bereavement and legacy building, including with the patient, family and siblings
  • Collaborate with other staff in projects/sessions (OT/PT, art therapy, child life, etc.)
  • Provide in-services on specific music therapy techniques
  • Attend various meetings for child life, hematology/oncology, creative arts and palliative care (at times, these meetings will provide in-services from various staff members)
  • Provide music therapy during support groups (resident support, family support, sibling support, etc.
  • Provide musical experiences in hospital-wide events (special events, music in the chapel, team building experiences, etc.)
  • Write electronic progress notes in patient’s medical chart
  • Present a case-study in a child life/creative arts therapy staff meeting
  • Participate in weekly supervision 

Additional Info

There are no stipends offered or housing opportunities available for this internship.