Growth and Nutrition Clinic | The STAR Center
Blank Children's Hospital

Growth and Nutrition Clinic

Services Provided

  • Developmental assessment
  • Complete medical evaluation
  • Complete dietary evaluation with pediatrician and pediatric dietitian
  • Evaluation for social supports
  • Counseling for appropriate nutrition
  • Ongoing growth monitoring
  • Appropriate intervention services


Referrals for the Growth and Nutrition Clinic can be made by primary care physicians or other hospital medical providers. To make a referral, please call (515) 241-4311.

Why the Growth and Nutrition Clinic?

At the  Growth and Nutrition Clinic (formerly known as the Failure to Thrive Clinic), we know that children's growth and nutrition plays an important role in their lifelong health and well-being. The Growth and Nutrition Clinic is a specialty clinic that is staffed by a doctor, nurse, pediatric dietitian and advocate that helps families provide nutrition to children who are struggling with gaining weight and growing. Our multidisciplinary team provides education, encouragement, and support for families in order to address these issues and help each child get back on track. The clinic is able to serve children from newborn through teenage years with ongoing appointments and assessments. We follow kids until they have established ongoing age-appropriate growth and the family feels comfortable with meeting the nutritional needs of their child.