Delivering Fire Prevention

Fires and burns are the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under. Children ages 5 and under are at the greatest risk from home fire-related death and injury, with a fire death rate twice the national average. Every day at least one child dies in a home fire. In that same day, 293 children suffer from a non-fatal unintentional injury caused by fire or burn.

Persons living in homes with smoke alarms typically have a fire-related death rate that is 40-50 percent less than the rate for those living in homes without alarms.  Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems combined could reduce fire-related deaths by 82 percent and injuries by 46 percent.

This year's event:

The 2017 Delivering Fire Prevention event will be held Wednesday, October 11th, from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Safe Kids Greater Des Moines will partner with Blank Children's Hospital, the Des Moines Fire Department and Papa John's Pizza to promote  fire safety and the importance of working smoke alarms. Simply order a Papa John's pizza for delivery at one of the participating locations during the event time and your dinner may be delivered by a fire truck! While at your home, firefighters will test your smoke alarms. If your alarms are in working order, we will provide you with a coupon for a free Papa John's pizza. If your alarms are not in working order, firefighters will install new alarms in your home.

Date and Time:

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Participating Papa John's Locations and Phone Numbers:

42nd Street - Des Moines, Iowa: (515) 274-4949
East Euclid Avenue - Des Moines, Iowa: (515) 261-7272
SW 9th Street - Des Moines, Iowa: (515) 256-9100

*Please note:

If participating fire departments receive an emergency call, the Delivering Fire Prevention event will be cancelled. Due to a high demand for pizzas in some areas, not all pizzas will be delivered by a fire apparatus.

Background Information

Safe Kids, Papa John's Pizza, and local fire departments have been providing communities with a fire safety and prevention message for several years through the Delivering Fire Prevention Program. The goal of the program is to use an interactive approach to build awareness and provide education regarding fire prevention to local communities.

Program planning begins by identifying target communities and partners, including a pizza establishment and a local fire department. Box-toppers with information about the upcoming event are printed and placed on all pizza boxes ordered one to two weeks preceding the event date. On the night of the event, the local fire department travels behind the pizza delivery vehicle to randomly selected homes of families who have ordered delivery pizza. Upon arrival, the fire department along with Safe Kids Greater Des Moines, describe the program to the family and ask permission to check their smoke detectors. If the home has working smoke detectors, the family receives a coupon for a free pizza to be used at a later date. If the home does not have working smoke detectors, either new batteries or new smoke detectors are installed by the fire department. As you can imagine, when a fire truck pulls up onto a residential street, the whole neighborhood comes out to see what is going on!  This is great for the program because then three to four volunteers from Safe Kids can also provide educational bags with printed materials and batteries to other homes in the neighborhood, spreading the fire safety message even further. Educational bags are also provided to those families ordering pizza on the event night, but who were not randomly selected to have the fire truck attend the pizza delivery. 

Program Impact

Over the years, the Delivering Fire Prevention Program has distributed over 130 smoke detectors, 30 Carbon Monoxide detectors, 1,000 educational bags with batteries, and has visited more than 400  homes. 

Program Objectives 

The goal of the Safe Kids Delivering Fire Prevention program is to reduce the fire-related injuries and deaths to children. 

The major objectives are to:

  • Build awareness about fire safety
  • Provide education regarding fire prevention to local communities
  • Partner with local fire departments and pizza delivery establishments
  • Alert local media of the Delivering Fire Prevention Program and raise awareness of ongoing fire safety efforts
  • Assess and document the need for this program and impact of the program on the community