Classes & Events

C.A.N. hosts events, offers free classes, and information on how to prevent, recognize, and respond if abuse is suspected.


Get Involved

There are several ways you C.A.N. support your community and be part of the solution: Educate, Donate, Advocate and Participate.



Find the most up-to-date information and studies on the issue of child abuse and neglect.

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Through Iowa Child Abuse Prevention Program (ICAPP) Funds, grants, fundraising, and donations the C.A.N. Prevention Council is able to provide the most up-to-date training to teachers and caregivers as well as support  parents with educational classes and community events.


With the support of our communities and legislative leaders we can prevent child abuse and neglect together.  The definition of support is to give assistance and help when and where it is needed and that is what the C.A.N. Prevention Council is all about.   There are many ways you can lend your support to the cause, check out our support page  to find out more. 

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