Blank Children's Hospital


When Cale was given the assignment in his Social Studies to select a problem he cared about and wanted to change, he picked Blank Children's Hospital and set out to make a difference.

Blank Children's has been an important part of Cale's life. He wasn't a patient himself, but his twin sisters, who are seven years older than him, were born 13 weeks premature and were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 65 days. They are 21 years old now.

"I created a poster board with pictures of my sisters and items my sisters actually wore in the NICU," Cale said. "I also had two small stuffed lambs, both two pounds heavy, to show how small my sisters were when they were in the hospital."

Cale stood outside of his local Walmart in Pella, with his poster board in tow, to share his story.  He said the best part was when people stopped to ask about what he was doing - he loved telling his story! 

When asked why other kids should help raise money for Blank Children's as well, Cale answered, "When kids support Blank, they are helping friends and family their age that might need Blank Children's someday."

Collectively, from adults and kids alike, Cale raised $100 for Blank Children's, and also proved that proved that any person, at any age, could make a difference. All it takes is a desire to make a change!