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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a program of exercise, education and psychosocial support for persons with chronic lung diseases and their families. The program assists people in learning to control the symptoms of their lung disease while working to achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence and functioning in the community, thereby improving their quality of life.

Kim Boyd, RN, BSN, director and facilitator of the program, works with patients to set goals and develop a program for their individual needs. Patients' individual goals are talked about at the first session and although groups of two to three patients work together at the same time, each will work toward their personal goals.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations related to lung disease, reduce respiratory symptoms, such as shortness of breath, reverse anxiety or depression related to lung disease and educate patients about pulmonary disease and how to manage it.

Other goals of the pulmonary rehabilitation program include increasing exercise tolerance and performance, enhancing ability to perform activities of daily living, increasing survival in some patients and ideally enabling patients to return to work.

The pulmonary rehabilitation program works closely with Jones Regional's physical therapy and occupational therapy to help the patients regain and conserve the most energy possible. Breathing techniques and muscle strengthening play a big part in the rehabilitation program.

Sessions are Mondays through Fridays, times vary. Therapy lasts up to 12 weeks, depending on the needs of the patients.

Patients can be referred to the pulmonary rehabilitation program by their physician or may inquire about the program by calling (319) 481-6366.