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A mammogram is a x-ray picture of the breast used to detect tumors and cysts and to help differentiate benign and malignant diseases. It is an important screening tool in a woman's personal fight against breast cancer.

During your mammogram, your breast will be placed on a flat surface by the mammographer. A compression paddle will then be pressed firmly against the breast to flatten out the tissue. This may be uncomfortable but should not be painful.

In order to prepare for your mammogram, please do not wear any deodorant, powders, ointments, or perfumes under the arms or on your breasts. These items may cause artifacts on the images.
Mammograms are recommended for anyone experiencing nipple discharge or breast pain, who has found a lump or dimpling of the skin on the breast, or a new retraction of the nipple.

The following recommendations have been issued for all women with no abnormal symptoms. The American College of Radiology recommends screening mammograms for women 40 and older annually. 

In May 2017 Jones Regional Medical Center began providing 3D Mammography to our patients. Our mammography program has received the highest rating available (no findings) in the annual MQSA inspection every year since its conception. 

Mammograms are available by appointment. 

Please contact the Imaging Services department for scheduling or questions at (319) 481-6369.