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Specialty clinics keep rural residents close to home

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Sharp shooting pain and a loss of feeling in his arms sent Kent Behrends to see a hand specialist last fall.

I’ve dealt with my arms going to sleep or feeling numb for several years,” said Behrends. “The intense pain at night is more recent and not something that was easy to deal with. I would get about two hours of sleep before both symptoms would wake me. I then had to sit up and try sleeping that way. It wasn’t comfortable and was very concerning. I knew I needed to do something.” 

Lucky for Behrends, Jones Regional Medical Center (JRMC) has several specialty clinics. “I live in Monticello and knew some of the orthopedic specialists from Cedar Rapids were seeing patients at Jones Regional in Anamosa,” said Behrends. “The hospital is just a short drive from my house and I really appreciate how convenient it is to see a doctor.” 

Behrends met with Peter Pardubsky, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI) who specializes in hand surgery about his increased hand and arm numbness and pain. Dr. Pardubsky and several other PCI orthopedic doctors see patients in the specialty clinic. 

Surgery needed

“My first meeting with Dr. Pardubsky went really well,” said Behrends. “He and I talked about my symptoms. Then he performed an exam and reviewed some of my test results. This information led him to recommend I have carpal tunnel surgery.” 

“A lot of people may not realize this but carpal tunnel, if left untreated, can lead to permanent sensory loss in the fingers, permanent muscle loss in the hand, loss in pinch or grasp strength and difficulty using the hand for holding objects,” explained Dr. Pardubsky. “It’s a functional surgery for the use of an individual’s hand. Initially we may have the patient try an assortment of conservative treatments like splinting at night, ice, or warm water for symptomatic relief or a steroid (cortisone) injection. Many times the symptoms progress and surgery is needed – as it was in Kent’s case.” 

Carpal tunnel has many causes and typically presents in adults, mostly with the onset of tingling and numbness in the fingers. Symptoms include waking at night, difficulty driving or holding reading materials with discomfort and in some cases, burning pain.

 “I definitely wanted to pursue the procedure,” said Behrends. “I didn’t want the situation to get any worse. I was pleased it could be done at Jones Regional. It’s a great hospital and it’s so close to home.”

 “Carpal tunnel release surgery is done as an outpatient procedure,” said Dr. Pardubsky. “I operate on one hand at a time and it is a relatively simple procedure, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes with a fairly rapid recovery. It reduces an individual’s symptoms and improves the use of their hands. It’s an ideal procedure to offer at an outreach location such as Jones Regional.” 

“Dr. Pardubsky operated on my right hand first and then my left about a month later,” said Behrends. “I was given a choice of using a local anesthetic or to go under and I chose to stay awake during the procedure with the local anesthetic.” 

After surgery Behrends experienced very little pain and some weakness but overall the procedure was easy. He missed about a week of work after each surgery. 

Top notch care

“The recovery is pretty easy,” said Dr. Pardubsky. “Kent had to wear a bandage on his hand for about a week and had stitches removed at Jones Regional a week after surgery. Initially we tell people not to lift anything over five pounds but many individuals are back to normal routines within a few days after surgery as comfort allows and almost all activities within two weeks.”

“I am so glad I had this surgery,” said Behrends. “The numbness in my hands is now starting to go away. I am grateful this procedure is offered at Jones Regional. It really is convenient and we have such a great facility in Anamosa. The people who work there are wonderful and give top notch care. I highly recommend the procedure and facility.”

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