To assure that those with hearing impairments, as well as those who have a limited command of the English language, have access to appropriate assistance, UnityPoint at Home offers the following services:

Relay for Hearing Impaired

Hearing or communicatively impaired individuals in Iowa may call Relay Iowa for telecommunications service. The Service enables them to communicate with personnel of the agency. TTY (text telephone) and voice users may place calls through Relay Iowa at 800-735-2942 (TTY) and 800-735-2943 (Voice). In Illinois, the TTY number is 800-526-0844. In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Relay Service can be reached at 800-947-3529.

In the event it becomes necessary for agency personnel to initiate telephone communication with an individual who is hearing or communicatively impaired, the Relay Iowa Voice number (i.e., 1-800-735-2943) should be utilized. In Illinois or Wisconsin, dial 711.


During the intake and/or admission process, patients/clients are evaluated for interpreter needs. Those with needs will be informed of the availability of language assistance, free of charge. Agency personnel will communicate with patients/clients in a language or form they can reasonably understand or will facilitate communication by using special devices, interpreters or other communication aides.

For patients/clients that require assistance with communication, the agency will need to offer interpreter services free of charge.