Heart Care Services

The Heart Hospital

When you need to see a cardiologist, Allen Hospital is available at any time of the day or night as the only comprehensive heart care center in the Cedar Valley. If you're having chest pain, remember the Three A's in Heart Attack – Ambulance, Aspirin, Allen.

Allen and its team of physicians are often recognized as one of the top heart care programs nationwide. More than 6,000 open-heart surgery procedures have occurred at Allen, and here's why it matters: You can count on us to deliver extraordinary heart care results every day.

The new Allen Heart & Vascular Center opened in 2009 to centralize all heart care in one facility and is designed specifically for heart patients and their families.

Quick Facts About the Heart & Vascular Center

  • Siemens 128-slice CT scanner: the biggest, fastest, clearest scanner in the Cedar Valley. The new scanner can do a complete body scan of an adult patient from head to toe in just 10 seconds. It scans patients weighing up to 660 pounds. It offers unmatched speed and clarity for diagnosing chest pain, trauma and patients who are unconscious, claustrophobic or obese.
  • Two cardiac catheterization labs and shelled space for a third cardiac catheterization lab
  • Radial Heart Catheterization
  • One electrophysiology lab
  • Two nuclear medicine suites
  • One interventional procedures lab for completion in the future
  • 12 patient rooms
  • Two stress-testing suites
  • Full cardiac rehab facilities
  • 24 inpatient rooms
  • Centralized heart monitoring for patients throughout Allen Hospital
  • Education and conference rooms
  • Family sleep rooms

Dr. Stock Suffers a Heart Attack