Understanding Coordinated Care

Physician-led Teams, Centered on You

Connecting with a doctor matters to you. Traditionally, it could be easy to lose that connection in the course of an illness or treatment. At UnityPoint Health, we are changing that by emphasizing the role of the physician, not just as a healer of individuals but also as a professional team leader. Our vision includes physician leaders who are able to elevate the quality of care for every patient, even for procedures or treatments that are being addressed by other physicians or health care professionals.

We describe our professional culture as "physician-led." This means that, ideally, your physician is not just contributing to your care, but is leading a team that surrounds you with care and includes you in decision-making. That way at UnityPoint Health can be sure you get the care you need, whether it's accessing a specialist at the hospital, a home care professional, or health services in your community.

When you experience care with UnityPoint, you experience care that goes beyond traditional to the way it should be. It's care that's focused on you, your concerns and your health.

The point of unity is you. 

Care Coordination - Real Life Stories

View  videos that highlight care coordination success stories in each of our regions.

UnityPoint Clinic

We surround you with care to help you get healthy and stay healthy. The physician-led care providers at your clinic will work together with you to sort out any challenging questions and to develop a plan of action. Learn more about UnityPoint Clinic

UnityPoint Health Hospitals

You never know what life will throw at you. Sometimes it can be treated in your doctor's office. Sometimes it is more than that. The hospitals of UnityPoint Health provide the latest in advanced medical technology, award-winning care teams, and specialists in all areas. Our hospitals solve complex problems and are just as focused on your return home as you are. Your stay will be effective, efficient, as pleasant as possible and your transition home will be made at the appropriate time and with all necessary support. The hospitals of UnityPoint Health understand you as both a patient and a neighbor, and care for you like family.
Learn more about UnityPoint Health Hospitals. 

UnityPoint at Home

UnityPoint at Home serves the critical role of coordinating with UnityPoint Clinic and UnityPoint Health hospitals to surround the patient with all the resources and care necessary to achieve wellness at home.

When it comes to your health, you want to know that you are receiving the best care and services that are available. At UnityPoint Home Care, that is exactly what you will find. Our qualified team of experienced home health care professionals work closely with physicians and other health care providers to design and implement a personalized plan of care that addresses the specific needs and goals of every patient in order to achieve the best outcome for every patient, every time.
Learn more about UnityPoint at Home.