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Labor and Delivery at St. Luke's

Labor & Delivery

Our Birth Center is preferred by four out of five moms-to-be in Sioux City and the surrounding area, and it's easy to see why. As the highest rated Level II Regional Obstetrical facility in Sioux City and the region, we provide a contemporary, home-like setting where a mother can labor, deliver and begin recovery with all the safety of the hospital's modern medical care.

"During delivery, the nurses listened to my needs and made sure to keep me as comfortable as possible. They helped with anything I needed and answered all my questions. I trust the staff here and have only ever had positive experiences." 

St. Luke's Birth Center is a secure area, protected with cameras and identification badges. Each newborn wears an alarm band for added security. Visitors can enter the birth center only through a video-monitored call system with controlled entry, ensuring safety for all mothers and babies.

During Birth

The Ann & Ray Greenberg Family Center

The Ann & Ray Greenberg Family Center for Labor and Delivery includes birthing suites with state-of-the-art technology like WatchChild, a fetal monitoring system allowing patient care staff to track their patients' progress. These suites also offer amenities for maximum comfort, including spacious floor plans, special lighting and relaxing jet tubs. Your spouse or another support person are welcome in your birthing suite during labor to share in the joy of your baby's birth. We play Brahms' Lullaby over the hospital's intercom system to welcome your baby.

Caesarean deliveries are performed in a special operating room within the Birth Center. Next to this operating room is a special, mini neonatal intensive care unit where any of the baby's needs are tended to immediately. After a caesarean delivery, mothers rest in a special recovery area within the labor and delivery unit.

After Delivery

The Gleeson Center for Mother & Baby Care

After delivery and recovery, moms and babies move to our secure Gleeson Center for Mother & Baby Care for the duration of their stay. Each private suite is furnished with a rocking chair, pullout couch, wireless Internet access and updated décor. The department has a kitchen for dads and immediate family. We invite families and guests to enjoy our family lounge.

One dedicated nurse from each shift will care for you and your baby, so you can receive one-on-one instruction on how to bathe, burp, feed and change your baby. 

Breastfeeding Support

You'll be visited by St. Luke's lactation specialists to learn the basics of breastfeeding. The lactation specialists are professionally trained to help mothers with issues like positioning, pumping and latching on. They can answer any questions you have and provide support to give you and your baby the best start on breastfeeding.  Watch our video on the benefits of breastfeeding and the services we offer. 

Early Bonding

We know the importance that early bonding plays with a newborn's development. We encourage families to "room-in" during their stay - meaning the baby stays with the mom in their suite. The comfort of knowing Siouxland's most experienced staff is close by, makes these first days together as a family comfortable and memorable. Our nurses and staff take pride in making baby's "firsts" special for the whole family.