UnityMatters 2017 Associate Giving Campaign

The UnityMatters Associate Giving Campaign is from October 9 through October 20! 

Make your gift to Trinity and/or the United Way during one combined campaign.

To make a gift to both organizations online, please complete a form for each organization. 

Make Your Gift to Trinity:

Make Your Gift to United Way:

Decline to participate in the UnityMatters Campaign

YOU are seizing the opportunity

Your decision to support your UnityMatters Associate Giving Campaign changes - and saves - lives, every day. It supports critical equipment in departments from the ED to Rehab. It supports free health screenings. It supports outreach programs like Parish Nursing. It supports you and your community.  It supports your colleagues through the Employee Crisis Fund. 

EVERY gift matters.

Your participation is important. You change - and save - lives, every day!


Your support at any level helps Trinity reach 100 percent participation. Your gift shows grantors you support your hospital ... and that means they will be more likely to do so, too!

HOW to make your gift:

Choose from these easy options:

  • Make a gift of cash or check
  • Make a one-time payroll deduction (January 2018)
  • Make bi-weekly deductions from all 26 paychecks (starts January 2018)
  • Donate earned time (taken out March 2018)
  • Make a gift online now (click links above)

All online entries qualify for a drawing for four $100 Visa Gift Cards as well as daily, weekly and grand prize drawings. And remember, the sooner forms are returned, the better your chance of winning!

Thank you for making your community better for you, your family, your coworkers and friends!