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Employee Assistance Program

Precedence was established in 1992 as a behavioral health Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Precedence is licensed as a PPA administrator in Illinois and registered to conduct business in Iowa. Precedence is owned by the Robert Young Center (Trinity Regional Health System).

Strategies for managing behavioral health care include:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Preferred Provider Program
  • Integrated Program Utilization Management 

Employee Assistance Program Components

Assessment and Counseling

Provided by credentialed licensed behavioral health professionals. All non-emergency appointments will be scheduled by the counselor within three working days of the request. One telephone number will provide access for scheduling appointments at numerous professional office sites.

Manager Training

We offer 45-minute orientation sessions (as many as needed) to define the purpose of the EAP and how to identify warning signs of troubled employees, and how to refer to EAP.

Employee Orientation

Provided 30-minute sessions (as many as needed) designed to encourage utilization. EAP is a company sponsored benefit free to the employee and family members. Confidentiality is stressed.

Unlimited Manager Consultation

Managers have telephone access to counselors to discuss employee concerns or performance problems.

Workplace Crisis Counseling

On request.

EAP Promotion

Draft master letter for distribution to all employees, managers and employees. Brochures, posters, and payroll stuffers are available on request.

Wellness Programs and Workshops

On your choice of topics.