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Quad Cities' Trusted Cancer Center

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of life's most overwhelming difficulties. Feeling afraid, confused, and powerless are just a few of the countless emotions faced by those just diagnosed with cancer. 

Learning about cancer and what treatments to expect is a helpful way to gain some control over the disease and actively participate in the informed decision-making process that will guide cancer treatment. As the trusted Cancer Center in the Quad Cities, Trinity strives to provide our patients with the most information possible. Together, with the courage of our patients and the dedication of our physicians, we will face each cancer diagnosis with determination and boundless hope.

At Trinity, we specialize in the treatment of various cancer types including the four most common

If you believe that you or a family member may be at risk of cancer, please take our free online assessment to help determine your personal cancer risk based on genetic and lifestyle factors.

There are also good online resources available through the American Cancer Society. Click on the links below to read more about the various types of cancer commonly treated within the Quad Cities at Trinity.