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UnityPoint at Work Optimized Health Care for Employees

Key Benefits for Employers and Employees

For Employers:

Direct-to-employer programs from At Work offer employers benefits that lower healthcare costs for the organization while improving the health and well-being of the employer's population. Employees become healthier, happier and more productive.

Healthier Workforce

Lower Health Care Costs

Improve ROI
Fewer Lost Workdays
Trend Reporting and Tracking
Lower Disability Claims

For Employees:

Employees lead busy lives. Employer-based services from At Work help employees manage their time and their health, freeing them to focus on work.

  • Convenient access to care through onsite and near site locations
  • Accurate and fast injury diagnosis by licensed, certified providers
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Accessible urgent care services
  • Access to a wide array of wellness/illness services