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Muscatine County Advance Care Planning Initiative:

Local Initiative: The Muscatine Community Health Association is sponsoring a local initiative with financial support from the Muscatine Health Support Foundation, Trinity Muscatine Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine. The local initiative is based on Respecting Choices™and collaborating with the Honoring Your Wishes™  program in Johnson County, IA.

Respecting Choices™ has three phases:


Healthy adults draft an advance directive (focus age 55+)


Adults with progressive, life-limiting illness suffering frequent complications review their advance directive to ensure that it is up-to-date.


Adult whom it would not be a surprise if they died in the next 12 months draft a POLST document to address their wishes for care at the end-of-life.

In this initiative, volunteers are trained to facilitate advance care planning conversations. Facilitators meet with individuals, couples and families to work through a scripted discussion about quality of life, healthcare preferences and final wishes, to develop a written advance care plan. This service is FREE. 

Contact the Initiative Coordinator Beth Poci at 563-264-9413 or to schedule your appointment today.

Iowa's POLST document is the Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment or IPOST. The IPOST is suited for people who are nearing the end-of-life. The IPOST serves as medical orders for wanted and unwanted treatment. It directs care in emergency situations. The IPOST document belongs to the individual and transfers from one healthcare setting to another.