Expanding the BirthPlace at Bettendorf

For every baby. Every time. 

We love babies. And we love that so many are being born at the Trinity BirthPlace at Bettendorf because it means our community is thriving. 

But it also means we're running out of room. 

Now's our chance to work together to give the tiniest members of our community the best beginnings possible. 

1,000+ babies

In our first year, more than 100 babies were born at Trinity BirthPlace at Bettendorf. That was more than 10 years ago. Last year, the BirthPlace swaddled 796 bundles of joy. Within a year, the number will top 1,000.

9.8% growth

In the area we serve, the population most likely to need obstetric care - those ages 20 - 44 - is expected to grow up to 9.8 percent in the next five years.


The BirthPlace currently has one operating room dedicated to C-sections. A second C-section suite will be added to accommodate our community's growth now and into the future.

Population Growth

As our population grows and our patients have babies later in life, we need to expand the Neonatal Special Care Unity to accommodate our smallest, most fragile new citizens. 

This expansion is important for our community. Perhaps most importantly, when babies get a good beginning, they tend to be healthier throughout their lives. This lowers the need for health care interventions and leads to reductions in health care costs, which builds a healthy, thriving community. 

Best Beginnings is the first step in our larger promise to provide the best outcome for every patient every time. 

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