UnityPoint Health - Trinity's Flu Shots at King's Harvest Ministries

UnityPoint Health - Trinity's Free Flu Shot Clinic at King's Harvest Ministries

UnityPoint at Home volunteering at King's Harvest Ministries Free Flu Shot Clinic

Some patrons of King’s Harvest Ministries shelter will be better protected from the flu this season, thanks to a free flu shot clinic provided by UnityPoint Health®. Volunteer nurses from UnityPoint at Home administered flu shots, blood pressure readings, and foot health checks free of charge, thanks to Trinity Health Foundation. The clinic was held Saturday, November 11, 2017. 

Volunteer nurses King's Harvest Ministries Flu Shot clinics“We had clinical and non-clinical team members who came out and volunteered their time. They helped register patrons for their flu shot and helped serve meals and give out groceries. It was great to see so many people give of their time to help our community,” says Russ Byrne, Clinical Manager - Certified, UnityPoint at Home. 

The project began after Joe Ulloa, Director of Clinical Operations for UnityPoint at Home was approached by Michael Gaymen, Director of King’s Harvest Ministries. Gaymen was concerned his patrons wouldn’t have access to flu shots and preventative care before the winter months. Together, they worked with others to provide the flu shot clinic, necessary equipment, and more than a dozen volunteers. 

“I was very excited and wanted to make this happen. It was a true collaboration across all entities of UnityPoint Health. It was a great opportunity to give back,” Ulloa says. “We would love for this to be a regular event and collaboration and I just hope it grows to reach more of our homeless and community in need.”

“I was absolutely amazed. Everyone was really helpful and made the whole process for our patrons so smooth. Having UnityPoint Health – Trinity come down to King’s Harvest Ministries is important because a lot of our folks aren’t able to go in for medical attention due to transportation or other issues,” Gaymen says. “It was extremely convenient to have medical care come to them instead. We’re definitely going to try and make this a regular event.”