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Women's HeartCare

Are you ready to make your heart a top priority? Four out of five women, age 40-60, have at least one risk factor for heart disease. The good news is a majority of risk factors are within your control.  

Women's HeartCare is here to help you take care of yourself. We provide a comprehensive cardiovascular program designed especially for women by women. After determining your risk for heart disease, we work with you to develop a plan that's right for you – a plan you can live with, with goals you want to achieve. We'll support you as you incorporate small, realistic changes into your daily life.

Women's HeartCare: A Lifestyle Intervention Program 

When you join the Women's HeartCare "team," you're joining a caring group of women who are just like you, often experiencing the same changes and challenges. You'll make the journey to improved health together. We've found that group sessions bring out the best in women, creating an environment of sharing, support, encouragement and companionship – it's like having your own personal cheerleaders! 

Team of Experts


A physician will monitor your physical health and any medical conditions you may have. She will communicate regularly with your primary care doctor and alert a cardiologist if necessary.


A registered dietitian is here to help you make realistic adjustments to your eating habits. The dietitian will provide ideas and strategies to help you reach your nutrition-specific goals.


An exercise physiologist will design a personalized exercise program with you that takes into consideration your current fitness level and accommodates any physical limitations you may have.

Healthy Psychology

A health psychologist is here to talk with you about the mind-body connection, the process of making lasting health-related behavior changes, tips for enhancing motivation, strategies for overcoming barriers and stress management techniques.

Between visits, your Lifestyle Intervention Team is available to help you stick with your plan. We'll stay in touch to see how you're doing, and we will keep your primary care doctor informed of your progress.

Caring for the Community

Heart health experts from Women's HeartCare are available to speak to community groups about the risks, symptoms and prevention of heart disease in women.