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Weight Management 

Your weight and its impact on your health is a balancing act. Trendy diets may promise fast results, but these quick-fixes rarely lead to long-term success. When it comes to successful weight loss, it's calories that count. By reducing caloric intake from food and beverages and increasing calories spent during physical activity, lasting success is likely. But making those changes can be hard to do without extra support, accurate information and education, which is where the Healthy Weight Program can help.

Healthy Weight Program

Our Healthy Weight Program has assembled a team of experts who will tailor a plan specifically to meet your needs and long-term goals. Understanding weight loss, developing the necessary skills, making sustainable lifestyle changes and, most importantly, being in the right mind-set will start you on the right track.

Building new lifestyle habits is key to maintaining a healthy weight long-term. If you have serious health concerns caused by your weight, more aggressive methods may be considered, including: a medically-supervised low calorie diet, or even weight loss surgery.

To learn more about the Health Weight Program, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at
(608) 417-3000 or request an appointment online

Adults age 18 and over are eligible, but your ability to participate at various levels will be based on your medical condition, BMI, current medical bariatric practice standards and NIH guidelines. Individual results may vary. Exercise is an essential part of every weight loss program.

We provide individualized coaching and support to help achieve the needed changes. The following list describes some of the approaches we take with the participants in the Healthy Weight Program. 

  • Calorie restriction – will vary in calorie range 
  • Weight loss management medications – optional, in partnership with calorie participation 
  • Macronutrient focused – controlling carbohydrates, proteins and fats 
  • Low calorie diet – aggressive plan 
  • Ketogenic diet – aggressive plan 
  • Protein supplements – optional, in partnership with calorie restriction 
  • Mindful eating – long-term strategies to assist in weight management 
  • We will work with any food allergies, intolerance, or special diets you may follow, including gluten-free, FODMAPS, vegetarian or vegan.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts will help you set realistic weight loss goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Our team includes: 

  • Board certified physician R. Compton Kurtz, MD 
  • Registered dietitian Michelle Swader will coach you toward improving your eating habits with a plan that suits your needs and goals.
  • An exercise physiologist who will develop a program based on your needs, preferences and physical limitations.