Mother-Baby Expansion Project

Over the next nine months, UnityPoint Health - Meriter will renovate 36,000 square feet of existing hospital space for a $15.5 million Mother-Baby Expansion Project.  A new agreement was signed with Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC_SCW) to provide mother-baby services to its members beginning January 2018.  GHC-SCW patients will receive perinatal, labor and delivery, and newborn intensive care (if needed) at Meriter. The additional new patients, estimated at around 850 a year, will increase Meriter's overall Mother-Baby services by 20 percent.

The project will create more patient rooms, family spaces, ultrasound suites, a milk laboratory and additional work space for staff. Completion is expected in December 2017.   As the largest birthing hospital in the state, UnityPoint Health - Meriter is already a very busy place.

Funding Priorities
Donor support will provide the boost in funding needed to surround our patients with advanced, state-of-the-art care in an atmosphere that is friendly and comfortable. High-tech equipment, comfortable family spaces and furnishings, and expanded educational opportunities for our staff will help us meet the needs of our growing community.

31 Omnibeds - $1.24 million
Omnibeds provide the best environment for babies born too soon. An omnibed combines an incubator and radiant warmer that allows babies to remain in one place for medical procedures, reduces infant stress and promotes healing.  In the past year, 684 infants were admitted to the NICU, including 65 babies that weighed less than 3.3 lbs. Currently, Meriter's NICU has only 5 omnibeds and cares for an average of 27 infants every day. 

Nursing Education - $200,000
The projected growth in women and infants care will require the hiring of 42 additional registered nurses and 20 support staff by the end of 2017. Your support will offer the opportunity for nurses to receive specialized training in perinatal or neonatal care, continuing education certification, and new nurse on-boarding.

40 Kangaroo Chairs $150,000
Research shows that when parents and infants bond, good things happen not only in the short run, but the effects can last throughout a child's life. Kangaroo care, which involves skin-to-skin contact between parent and infant, can improve health. The physical benefits of kangaroo care, especially for premature infants, include helping them maintain body temperature, regulate heart and breathing rhythms, gain weight, and spend more time in deep sleep.

Outdoor Patio $150,000
The opportunity to create a healing Outdoor Patio space for patients and their families. This unique outdoor space is located off the third floor family lounge space, facing South Brooks Street with views of the historic Longfellow School building. Your support can provide funding for a decorative screen wall, perimeter railing, enhanced seating area and planters.

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