Investments in Patient Care

On average, Meriter Foundation invests more than $1 million in patient care programs and the care environment every year.  Below is a sampling of the many areas throughout the hospital supported by the generosity of our donors. Every gift, every dollar makes a difference.

Below is a sampling of some of the programs that received funding in 2014.

  • Transition care from the Max W. Pohle Dental Clinic to Access Community Health ($1,000,000) to better support dental care coordination in our community.
  • Center for Perinatal Care ($256,000)
  • Video monitor ($61,000) for the TAVR Lab
  • Omnibed ($36,000) for NICU patients
  • Digital forensic imaging system ($25,000) for the SANE program
  • Benevolent support ($12,800) for families
  • Teddy bears ($5,000) for pediatric surgical patients
  • Blanket warmer ($2,300) for Orthopedics patients