Investments in Patient Care

On average, Meriter Foundation invests more than $1 million in patient care programs and the care environment every year. 

Donor support makes the difference in advancing quality health care for our patients and families.  Enhancing the physical environment, improving care and offering continuing education for our staff are all important ways Meriter Foundation is moving health care forward in our community.

Because of your generosity, the following projects received funding in 2016.  Thank you! 


Bolz Auditorium  Remodel


6T and 8T Family Lounge updates


Virtual dementia training for regional hospitals (donor designated)


Antigravity Treadmill for therapy/sports medicine


Movement Based Therapy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry patients (donor designated)


Basic Life Support education for 700 healthcare providers


MaxiSwing patient swing and harness for patient and staff safety


PulsePoint app to notify first responders of cardiac arrest in community settings


Family support for birthing and NICU families (car seats, SPIN support group, etc.)


Wisconsin Partnership 5-2-1-0 childhood obesity program


Seal Dane dental sealants to elementary students


HEALTH homeless outreach and medical respite


AEDs (defibrillators) for CPR classes


Medical Library collection development


Cell phone charging stations in waiting rooms and lobby