Pinnacle Care Program

Recognize an outstanding physician, nurse or care provider!

We are honored to be by your side whether it is during the joyful moments following the birth of a child or the quiet times next to a loved one in the Intensive Care Unit. Often we hear our patients and their families say that it's the people at Meriter who make the difference.

If you feel grateful for the care you've received and would like to recognize an outstanding unit or caregiver, we can help. Through the Pinnacle Caregiver Program, Meriter Foundation will share your message of appreciation with the entire unit or an individual caregiver.

Messages from Grateful Patients

"She promised to take good care of me and checked in on me religiously every hour during the night, which gave me peace of mind. She also talked with me about my fears. I felt that I was in excellent hands while in her care."

"Everyone worked together so efficiently, and it was amazing to take it all in. The days following surgery were unpredictable and tense, but one nurse stood out and that was Joe. He provided such great care to my husband and helped me understand what was going on."

"We can't imagine nor even like to think about what would have happened if her condition was unknown for hours or days more. Thank you for your diligent and excellent care of our daughter. We attribute her being with us today much to your discovery on that early morning. Thank you for being exceptional in the nursing profession and impacting our life in a profound way."

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