Estate & Planned Giving

How do you want others to benefit from the assets you will transfer and the goals you hope they will achieve? Establishing an estate plan and reviewing it every few years is necessary to provide for your family’s future. An estate plan with gifts to charitable organizations, like Meriter Foundation, may reduce tax liabilities, provide greater resources for your loved ones, and support causes that have been important to you throughout your life.

Because financial situations vary from person to person, there are a variety of options to explore:

Direct Gifts

  • Bequests
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Appreciated Securities
Trust Options
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

As you put your financial plans in order, you have an opportunity to create a legacy gift to Meriter Foundation. Meriter has been a leading member of the Madison community for 115 years, and has grown because of the generosity, hopes and dreams of many individuals.

If you are considering a charitable gift as you plan your financial future, please contact Marilyn Rhodes, President, (608) 417-5305.