Birth Preferences

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Every pregnancy and birth is a unique, life-changing event. That is why UnityPoint Health – Meriter is committed to providing you with the information you need, the best possible care, and a comfortable environment where you are treated with warmth and respect.

We invite you to create your own personalized birth preferences as you prepare for the delivery of your baby. At the end of this page, you will find questions that will help you create a birth preferences.

What are Birth Preferences?

Writing your birth preferences will help you to consider the many decisions you will make during your labor and postpartum time in the hospital. It also educates you and your support people in options available. Finally, birth preferences will enable you to communicate your ideas and philosophy to your doctor, nurse-midwife, the nursing staff and your support people. Meriter's philosophy of care and the options offered will simply add to your birth preferences.

The foundation of the birth preferences comes from the woman who writes it. Confidence in your own abilities, freedom to draw strength from your spirituality, and physical and emotional support from those you gather around you will create the setting for the comfort strategies and medical options you choose.

Next Step: Create Your Birth Preferences

Now that you know more about our Birthing Center, you can create your own birth preferences by clicking the link that's below.

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