Assessment & Evaluation

Our Program

The strength of our program is greatly dependent on feedback and communication. Each rotation begins with a discussion of individualized goals and objectives for the rotation from both the Resident and preceptor. The preceptor will also discuss the learning activities that are incorporated into each rotation.

The residency program utilizes the Residency Learning System (RLS) model for evaluation and feedback for the residents. Components of the RLS model include the following:

  • Mid-rotation evaluation (by preceptor)
  • Criteria-based checklist evaluations (by both preceptor and resident)
  • Final evaluation of Resident (by preceptor)
  • Preceptor evaluation (by Resident)
  • Resident self-evaluation
  • Documentation of clinical pharmacy experiences will be completed no later than 2 days after the end of a rotation.

The Resident and preceptor will discuss the evaluations and then submit these forms to the Program Director. The Resident will meet with the Program Director no less than quarterly to discuss progress, and develop goals and plans for the next quarter.